VRV Home Series

Foram HVAC Engineers

Daikin has launched centralised AC system for specially designed for Home / Residence / Appartment


It is total different from the conventional commercial VRV system , and designed as per the need of the residential segment

  • 1 Outdoor AC Unit can be connected to more than 6 Indoor AC Unit
  • Comes with advanced SWING Compressor Technology
  • Outdoor size is compact, Only 1 Outdoor Unit is required instead of multiple outdoor unit - SAVE SPACE
  • Hot & Cold System gives heating in winter - cooling in summer
  • Mobile Connectivity - It can be controlled by your smartphone, You can control your AC from anywhere in the world
  • Indoor Unit capacity selection available from 0.6 TR to 3.2 TR
  • Joint less copper piping available - less chance of gas leakage
  • Central Remote control for alla AC's from single remote can be done

VRV Home Features

Energy Effiiciency

One of the top features of VRV home is its energy efficiency. It achieves high COP during cooling and heating operations especially at part load. Internally embedded neodymium magnet generates strong magnetic field and high operational efficiency with less electricity consumption.

Design Flexibility

Multiple indoor unit combinations are possible, As many as 8 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, making the VRV home a remarkably versatile system. which provides generous freedom for home design both inside and outside. The VRV home provides long piping length possiblity of 40M, with total piping length of 100M.

User Comfort

Operation sound level selectable from 3 steps for the night mode, precise temprature control. VRV Home is available with heat pump varient, which works all round the year maintaining comfortable room temprature during summer and winter season


The System has flexibility of connecting different types of Indoor units in the same circuit. The suitable Indoor unit that blends with interiors and fulfil cooling requirement can be slected. space saving