Foram HVAC Engineers

Supply & Installation

We are selling and installing Split ACs, Cassette ACs, Tower ACs, Ceiling Concealed ACs & Ceiling Suspended ACs. We can offer you many options from renowned AC brands to choose from : according to you need and budget. We also offers various technology like inverter and Non-inverter. We have eco friendly AC machines range with R 410 and R32 refrigerant, and also conventional range with R22 refrigerant. We have different brands positioned as per most premium, premium, and economical range. We offer all the products with Copper Condenser and Copper Cooling Coils only.

  • Retail Sales
  • All Type of HVAC Equipments: Split AC, Cassatte AC, Tower AC & Air Blower (SISW/ Inline etc.)
  • Complementary Products : Water Cooler, Water Dispenser, Air Purifier
Supply and Installation

All type of HVAC Systems

We provide total solution for – HVAC system in VRV/VRF, Ductable ACs, Package AC, Precision AC & Chillers. We give total solution - from concept to commissioning.

  • We understand your need thoroughly
  • We provide air-conditioning load estimation : Heat Load Calculation
  • We Suggest Technology & System Design according to your need along with the project cost and estimated time to complete the project.
  • We prepare detailed drawing with Machine dimension, Duct Layout, Refrigerant Piping & Drain Piping Layout
  • We supply & install AC Equipments at your site
  • After Sales Service:
    We not only maintain the Equipment but also the relation with our clients, and gain trust as our profit.
HVAC Systems

Specialized Jobs

Ventilation & Exhaust System (for Basement, Kitchen & Toilets)

For commercial buildings, we provide fresh air solution of Basement, Toilets and Kitchen by designing Exhaust Ventilation System. We can provide high static Blowers and Inline Fans as per your need. Our design and selection of blower will give you – best result in terms of performance, low noise, low power consumption and low cost.

Air Cooling Systems - Evaporative Cooling

This concept is useful for open & big areas like “Prarthana Sabha”, “Meditation Hall”, “Mandir”, “Masjid” or some typical application like Godown, Factory where airconditioning is not possible due to high project-cost and high-running cost. Then air-cooling is most suitable and cost effective option. The limitation of this system is it can run in dry weather.

Clean Room- Laminar Airflow

We are doing Clean Room Air-conditioning work for pharmacy & Laminar Air flow for Hospitals OT & ICU. This system is used where - cleanliness of air and humidity control is more important than just controlling of temperature.

Specialized Jobs

Consulting Jobs

  • Airconditioning Load Calculation – Heat Load Estimation
  • As per your need, we Select properly suitable :
    • Technology for you
    • HVAC system for you
  • Detailed Autocad Drawing
    • Actual Machine Dimension,
    • Ducting layout,
    • Piping,
    • Electrical Caballing,
    • Drainage Piping etc.
  • Project Cost Estimation & Project Time estimation
  • Specialized Jobs

    AHU [Air handling Unit]


    Used for special applications

    » Clean Room AC System

    » For OT & ICU AC Work , Pharma Manufacturing

    » TFA Unit- fresh air requirement