VRF System

Foram HVAC Engineers



Why to go with VRF System ?

(It is synonyms of flexibility)

  • It is the Most Flexible system in terms of Capacity in Ton, Selection of Indoor Units Type, Piping Length, Controls and many more
  • It is inverter based system so it's running cost is very low.
  • Single outdoor unit is connected with variety of indoor unit so it saves the space.
  • Centralized Remote Control gives you facility to control all system from one place, and can be connected to automation or computer system.
  • Most advance in technology.
  • Diversity: Capacity of Outdoor can be lower than total capacity of indoor units.
  • Refrigerant used is 410A so it is Eco friendly system
  • Wide choice of Indoor Units is available for selection like One-way Cassette, Hi-wall, Ducted, 4-way cassette, Ceiling Concealed, etc.
  • Heating & Cooling Option available

VRF Advantage

Energy-Saving Operation

Precise individual control and inverter technology minimize energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings.

Individual Control

VRF systems enable individual climate control settings for each zone to provide the utmost in comfort to commercial building settings.

Adaptable Design

Modular design of outdoor units and wide selection of indoor units ensure system designs that are ideally suited to the environments where they are installed.

Flexible Layout

In addition to a maximum connection of 64 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit, large allowances for piping length and level difference provide a flexible layout.

Our Actual site Photo Installed with VRF System