Ductable AC

Ducted AC


Ducted AC

Light Commercial Systems

  • It is used for high occupancy areas like restaurant, marriage hall, Conference hall, Big Office Area, Malls etc.
  • Single machine is available from Tonnage Range 1.5 Tr to 22 Tr equiped with Scroll Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors and Rotry / Twin Rotry Compressors.
  • Exposed type Round Shaped Ducting and Oval Shaped Ducting are in trend nowadays
  • Available with Eco Friendly Refrigerant R 410A / R 32 and Conventional Refrigerant R 22
  • Versatech, Furred-In and HAT Series Available for Multiple Ducted Indoor Unit Connected to Single Outdoor Unit with Multiple Compressors. All Different Indoor Unites can be controlled individually just like split AC
Packaged AC

It is used where there is High Static Pressure requirement like shopping mall, restaurant, supermarket, factory, office building.

Floor Mounted Packaged available with R22 and R410 Refrigerant

Our Actual site Photos Installed with Ducted ACs