Chiller AC System

Chiller AC System
  • Ideal for Hotels, Malls, pharmaceutical manufacturer and Big Buildings
  • Long Life cycles.
  • Wide range for selection
  • Suitable for 24X7 Hours Operation.

Can be connected with fully atomization operating system which helps for additional energy saving.

Ideal for Special purpose Air conditioning requirement like Pharmacy company, Bio fertilizers manufacturing unit, Testing Laboratories

Capacity start from 2.0TR to more than 3000 TR.

Choice for various type of highly efficient compressor selection like Centrifugal, Scroll, Screw, reciprocating etc.

A chiller can be realized as a refrigeration system that cools water/Glycol. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers condition the air, while a chiller using the same refrigerating operations cools water, oil, or some other fluid. This chilled solution can then be used for cooling in a wide range of operations.

Some of the most common application are:

Plastic Industry, Injection Molding, Beverages industry, Dairy, Printing, Textile, Laser and Rubber Manufacturing unit Process chiller is used to maintain Temperature of the machines and moulds.

Chiller AC System